Waterjet Services

Precision Machining, Drilling, Shaping, and Stripping

Springfield Manufacturing’s Advanced Waterjet cells are capable of cutting, drilling and stripping components ranging from flat to very complex three-dimensional geometries made from soft materials to the hardest of aerospace alloys. The Springfield family of waterjets spans to full 6 axis capability with overhead gantry-style machines for larger parts and submersible tanks for underwater machining. CNC waterjet cutting is a non-thermal process using high pressure water with or without abrasive additives to meet dimensional and surface finish needs.

Waterjet drilling allows for the ability to efficiently produce holes ranging from small and precise to larger and even complex-shaped holes. We also have established proven processes for forming holes through ceramic coated surfaces and for clearing coated holes.

Waterjet stripping and hybrid stripping (removal of topcoat while preserving the bond layer) is efficiently accomplished without the use of harmful chemicals or grit blasting techniques that erode and damage base material.