Flow Measuring System Comes On-Line at Springfield Manufacturing

June 30, 2013

A Flow Airflow System designed for measuring drilled parts after EDM or Waterjet drilling will further improve the inspection capability of customer parts has been delivered to Springfield Manufacturing’s Clover, SC facility.

The Flow System is expected to go on-line in June, 2013.

Mitch Miller, President of Springfield Manufacturing said that, “the added capability of being able to measure air flow on parts that we have processed will save us and our customers time and money”

It measures air flow accurately ±0.48% for large aircraft and land-based, gas turbine parts, and meets a wide range of component flow air testing needs.

Springfield Manufacturing recently took delivery of an SY-1210TGU CNC High Speed EDM Drilling machine from Belmont Equipment in Michigan that will benefit greatly from the ability to test Air Flow on site.

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